Beacon Chains & Beacon Explorer

Beacon Chains & Beacon Explorer

Nitesh Yadav

What is Beacon Chain in ARCHEthic Network?

Beacon chains represent a summary of all the transactions based on time slots of the ARCHEThic P2P network. Beacon Chains lists all the network states and transactions every beacon slot [for now each beacon slot is for 1o mins] and summarises it every day.

Beacon Chains summarises all the transactions in the ARCHEthic network. There are various types of transactions happening on ARCHEthic P2P network to name a few transaction types: UCO transfer, NFT transfers, node updates, node_shared_secrets, oracle, oracle_summary, beacon, beacon_summary, etc.

What is Beacon Explorer?

Beacon Explorer is the outcome of exploring all the contents of beacon and beacon summary transactions which are responsible for the for global sync with the network

"For now, only the beacon chain summary is available on the testnet, very soon the explorer will be added!"

What are Beacon Updates and Beacon Summary?

Beacon Update: In a time interval of 10 mins all the transactions happening on the ARCHEthic P2P network gets added from validation pool to the beacon storage pool and beacon transaction occurs which contains all the transactions in that particular time slot.

Beacon Summary: In a time interval of 1 day all the transactions happening on the ARCHEthic P2P network are summarized which contains 144 beacons transactions and replicated across ARCHEthic P2P network.

Step 1: Visit on your browser

Step 2: Create/Send some UCOs to your wallet.

If you have not yet created a wallet, please do using the ARCHEthic mobile wallet app
Step 3: Once the transaction is successfully executed in the blockchain (usually takes <1 sec). Click on view transaction which will take you to the beacon chain summary!

The Transaction fees for 100 UCO Transfer was 0.53210965 Apporx(0.5%)

Step 4: Play with the beacon explorer with other transactions, transaction fees, etc...

You can find Data of code or content depending on the transaction type like for a node update the is content :

IP: Port: 30002, Transport: tcp, Reward address: 0025E113FF57A17F212B9C7200ECA1943CB642FB33CBF7C1AEDA3B2A87DB70D289, Key certificate:

You can also view Validation Stamp, Β Proof of work, Proof of Integrity, Cross Validation Stamps, node public key and signatures.

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