Blockchain is really become the next technology revolution in term of security, transparency and privacy however it lacks of mass adoption currently. Even if Bitcoin is starting to be well-known in non-crypto world, many end users claims flaws to use cryptocurrency yet (i.e. scalability, complexity)

With the era of smart contracts, decentralized systems can leverage user-centric uses case for global uses reducing the cost and improving customer engagement by given back the control of their data thanks to the Blockchain decentralization, transparency and security.

However, global and daily usage of Blockchain is not massively well integrated in our society, due to the lack of simplification for user and some flaws in the customer experience (wallets, fees, key management). A good knowledge of computing and cryptography is often required to avoid any kind of problem while using the Blockchain.  

For this reason, a new player called UNIRIS is challenging the market by providing a high security, scalability, geo secure data sharding and  identity/key management for a simple usage coupled to a revolutionary biometric identification and prevent secrets losses and thefts.‌‌
Offering a truly decentralized and limitless network based on a new consensus ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) supporting 1 million transaction/sec.‌‌‌‌

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