Uniris will soon deliver its ERC20 token (UCO) and should be listed on IEO platform in few weeks. So it’s important that prospective participants understand the basics of the our distribution.

Uniris cryptocurrency - standing for UCO: Uniris Coin - will be created soon as a ERC20 token with 10 Billion total supply. This "temporary"  ERC20 will be available until our MainNet and after that the tokens will be frozen/locked and we will provide a swap to the Uniris native token.

Meanwhile, UCO tokens will be distributed into 9 pools:

  • public sale (30%) :

    We decided to use IEOs to make our public crowdsale due to the marketing advantages and strike force from exchange platforms to bring and attract investors. These tokens will be in the fully circulating supply.
  • private sale (8.2%):

    For early investors, according to the amount provided, tokens will be vested on different timeline and scheduling through a linear token release from the beginning of the public sale
  • deliverables (23.6%):

    These tokens are used to reward or mark milestone achivement while its supply is designed for the mainnet and for a global incentive, 10% of the token supply (2.3%) will be unlocked and available before the MainNet.
  • network pool (14.6%):

    To remunerate the network from oracles, beacons, prediction, storages, etc. and to create  incentive for miners to set a node in a geographical area, "Network Pool" tokens will be used.
    Before the MainNet, these tokens will be locked.
  • enhancement (9%):

    To develop new use cases but with additional constraint for instance if the token value increase by 100, these tokens could be used. Before the mainent, they will remain locked.
  • team (5.6%)

    To create value and also be used as required Uniris will allocated some tokens to the team even before MainNet, 10% of these tokens will be available. The rest will be locked and available once the network is live. In addition to the deliverable tokens and to create fairness in its inner circle, these tokens could be used when some achievements will be made by the team.
    These tokens will also be vested.
  • exchanges (3.4%):

    To provide a wide listing on exchange platforms and be able to apply to IEO, a port of the token supply is allocated for exchanges.
    Note than it will be no-reused of the unused tokens.
  • marketing (3.4%):

    For any marketing campaign, bounty and airdrop, these tokens will be used and will be vested, including advisors remuneration.  
  • foundation (2.2%):

    Uniris public network will served under the foundation advisory and these tokens are here to setup it and to provide resources to gather community such as: create events (i.e hackathon), manage governance and votes.

All of this distribution will be split into differents accounts under multisignature to ensure the trust and security from any transfers. (for instance Gnosis MultisigWallet)

For more information, please read our Whitepaper

Code source of our token is available here: https://github.com/uniris/erc20