For our ever growing community of Unirisers

If you are looking to invest in Uniris Coin (UCO) and become a part of our community, these are the necessary precautions you must keep in mind.

A) Fake crypto investment schemes or bounty programs mentioning Uniris

Never fall for such schemes. Always be careful, to whom, and what you are investing the money or your time for.

Check our website to know more about our project, team and current exchange listings:


Please check with our team members: /akshay@uniris.iobefore engaging any further.

B) Fake social media pages and groups

Please don't follow or engage with any fake social media accounts created under our Brand Name.

Only engage with us on ur active social media channel links mentioned below :


Twitter :


Facebook :  ;


reddit :





Incase you come across any fake social media pages under our Brand name, all you need to do is Block or report such profiles immediatelyor inform our team: vishnupriya@uniris.ioto take immediate action

C) Fake telegram groups and channels

We only have 3 telegram groups mentioned below :

French group:;

English group:

Uniris Announcements:

Anyone else creating a channel under the brand name “Uniris” in any part of the world has nothing to do with us.

Our advice: Please do not join without checking with us. In case you have joined mistakingly, please inform us about the channel, report the fake schemes if any to / before engaging further.