News of the week of November 30, 2020.

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Who will build the next Cryptokitties on Uniris?

The team successfully tested the deployment of NFT on the Uniris blockchain. NFT stands for "Non-Financial Token". They are used to create a verifiable digital property and the ability to interoperate assets across multiple platforms.

" A lot of NFT use cases keep popping up! They are seen as the future in many fields such as the art industry, video games, real estate..."

-- Akshay - Chief Product Officer (CPO) Uniris

The 1st Wallet application from Uniris

The Uniris team has made a technological breakthrough by solving the friction problems associated with the use of CryptoKitties.

Scalability: transfer without execution of smart-contracts (less heavy and low transaction costs) ;

Simplicity: as simple as a transfer of UCO ;

Fluidity: low risk of congestion, transactions are stored elsewhere rather than on a single large data source

Thanks to the NFT portfolio, a multitude of possibilities are available to you: the creation of money, ICO, creation of tokens to exchange services...

In the coming weeks, you will be able to see a demonstration of how the portfolio works while waiting for the release of the public TestNet network.

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About Uniris :

Uniris promise is to provide access to all technologies by protecting one's identity at the touch of a finger. An ultra-secure and tamper-proof technology that allows any password, key or other medium to be replaced as securely as a bank card chip, simply by reading the inside of one's fingers.

Uniris has also been awarded the CSF label to participate in the experiments to secure the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designated for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new unbreakable ARCHE validation consensus, which is extremely secure and enables an unlimited number of transactions. Our blockchain platform aims to replace all current applications with a complete and open ecosystem.

Programmable Fintech, smart-City, secure and interoperable health... A unique technology with infinite possibilities. To learn more, discover our white paper.

Join us as an investor, developer, ambassador and become today an active builder of this New World.

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