News of the week of December 7, 2020.
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“Development is so simple and easy that no technical skills are required to fully deploy and use Uniris smarts-contracts! Everyone will be able to create and deploy smart-contracts, while promoting the security and reliability in the Uniris ecosystem”.

Akshay — Chief Product Officer (CPO) Uniris

Innovation at the heart of our smart-contracts

Programmable triggers: simplicity accessible to everyone

No notion of time is available in the current Blockchains. Uniris smarts-contracts allow time-controlled actions to be carried out as easily as automatic bank transfers.

Different types of triggers are possible: time, transactions…

For example, whether it is a vote or an ICO: opening and closing can now be automated. It is the network itself that takes care of the recurrence and no longer an external network. You will be able to define the specific conditions of your smart-contracts and the script will be automatically triggered according to the programming.

A new concept: the inheritance constraint

Until now, smart-contracts were triggered by users via transactions. The status of the contract changes with each direct interaction. Uniris innovates by using the UTXO model. Users will still perform transactions to contracts, but they will ask the nodes to perform this transaction in the chain. The node will then need the private key to generate the new transaction. The purpose of inheritance constraints is to avoid any malicious behavior of the nodes (code modification, sending money…).

You can now automate your digital world in a few minutes on the Uniris network and simplify your daily life.

About Uniris :

Uniris’ promise is to provide access to all technologies by protecting your identity with the touch of a finger. An ultra-secure and tamper-proof technologythat allows any password, key or other medium to be replaced as securely as a bank card chip, simply by reading the inside of one’s fingers.

Uniris has also been awarded the CSF label to participate in the experiments to secure the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designated for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new unbreakable ARCHE validation consensus, which is extremely secure and enables an unlimited number of transactions. Our blockchain platform aims to replace all current applications with a complete and open ecosystem.

Programmable Fintech, smart-City, secure and interoperable health… A unique technology with infinite possibilities. To learn more, discover our white paper.

Join us as an investor, developer, ambassador and become today an active builder of this New World.

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