News of the week of January 11, 2021.
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A growing technical team

The ambition of Uniris is to operate on a global scale and thus make technology accessible to all. For several weeks now, we have been increasing recruitment to consolidate our technical team. We are pleased to welcome Varun Deshpande into Uniris. He holds a PhD in Blockchain Transaction Security from crypto-processors. He brings with him an extensive experience in building robust secure systems.

Varun will focus entirely on working on secure elements (such as the chips found in phones and bank cards) to secure the network itself and user transactions. With this, Uniris will be the most secure blockchain network.

Miners will soon be at your home!

The first batch of miners has arrived, and we are in the process of finalizing the integration. Are you afraid of the complexity of installing a miner at home? Don't worry! Uniris offers a "no-complexity configuration for the miner" as simple as "Plug and Play". Discover our special miner's guide, available in the coming days.

Zoom on the specifics of the P2P distributed network

The Uniris network pushes the boundaries of P2P (Peer to Peer) with three major innovations:

  • Supervised Multicast: patented invention by Uniris in collaboration with the École Polytechnique and the CNRS, which enables network exchanges to be optimised. The network sends information only when necessary, unlike “Gossip” used by other blockchains.
  • UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play): allows the miners to be installed in anyone’s home without the need for any technical knowledge. Just plug it in and your Internet box will configure itself.
  • Co-location: every time a miner downloads data, it will calculate (using heuristic algorithms) the best path depending on geographic location and bandwidth. This process makes it possible to optimize the network as much as possible and to respond to the current problems of saturation of the Internet network.

About Uniris :

Uniris’ promise is to provide access to all technologies by protecting your identity with the touch of a finger. An ultra-secure and tamper-proof technologythat allows any password, key or other medium to be replaced as securely as a bank card chip, simply by reading the inside of one’s fingers.

Uniris has also been awarded the CSF label to participate in the experiments to secure the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designated for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new unbreakable ARCHE validation consensus, which is extremely secure and enables an unlimited number of transactions. Our blockchain platform aims to replace all current applications with a complete and open ecosystem.

Programmable Fintech, smart-City, secure and interoperable health… A unique technology with infinite possibilities. To learn more, discover our white paper.

Join us as an investor, developer, ambassador and become today an active builder of this New World.

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