News for the week of January 4, 2021.  

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Simplified development interface : smart-contracts

The Uniris technical team is currently working on the development interface within the blockchain. As transparently as "Blockly" you will be able to create intelligent contracts by "drag and drop".

This will allow you to create custom blocks according to your needs and then connect to your own application. The idea being that anyone with any level of technical skills can easily create their own smart contracts intuitively.

Developments are progressing for ‘Sharded Beacons Chains’

Since no node has the physical ability to know the status of every transaction in an unlimited network, the Uniris network uses a set of specific transaction strings, each containing a subset of the addresses of the latest transactions for a given date.

In other words, these are the summary strings of the Uniris P2P network, where the status of the entire network and the transactions are available online. The transaction address is calculated directly from the date and address subset (via a derivation function and a seed). This so-called derivation key thus allows all nodes to find all the transactions of the same chain at a given date.

Community developments & road map

A few technology enthusiasts and developers around the world have started to contribute externally to Github (via draw requests).

In the distribution of UCOs, some of them are specifically dedicated to driving developments (deliverables and improvements). You too, contribute now to community development, for a safer and decentralised world!

In parallel, the creation of a Bounty Program is in progress, stay tuned to our news.

About Uniris:

Uniris’s promise is to provide access to all technologies by protecting your identity with the touch of a finger. An ultra-secure and tamper-proof technology that allows any password, key or other medium to be replaced as securely as a bank card chip, simply by reading the inside of one’s fingers.

Uniris has also been awarded the CSF label to participate in the experiments to secure the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Designated for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new unbreakable ARCHE validation consensus, which is extremely secure and enables an unlimited number of transactions. Our blockchain platform aims to replace all current applications with a complete and open ecosystem.

Programmable Fintech, smart-city, secure and interoperable health. A unique technology with infinite possibilities. To learn more, discover our white paper.

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