ArchEthic Blockchain: Mainnet & Testnet

ArchEthic Blockchain: Mainnet & Testnet

Akshay Kumar KANDHI
Akshay Kumar KANDHI

Fully decentralized, open source public chain with high speed and low transaction fees ideal for Decentralized Identity, DeFi and NFTs

After years of research and development, we deployed the ArchEthic Mainnet & Testnet simultaneously on the 30st of June 2021 !

First, we would like to thank our very supportive community through this journey.
We had amazing inputs from various different profiles that helped to reach this feat.

We’re also excited to share with you our Mainnet Roadmap here!

How is this going to happen ?

On the 30st of June, ArchEthic Blockchain launched Mainnet & Testnet simultaneously.

Testnet =>
Mainnet =>

Testnet is built to experiment with new ideas without disturbing or breaking the main cryptocurrency software, its digital currency is worthless.

ArchEthic Testnet deployed enabling developers to build and test Dapps.
They will be able to create infinite amount of UCO to proceed to any kind of experimentation they want.
They will also have the opportunity to develop within REAL conditions because Testnet will be running on the same hardware as Mainnet.

Mainnet is the term used to describe when a blockchain protocol is fully developed and deployed, meaning that cryptocurrency transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology.

ArchEthic Mainnet will be activated enabling developers to deploy their Dapps.
Once your Dapp production process is finalized on Testnet, drop us a mail at for us to give you early swap access.

Why do we require those steps ?

This methodology will enable us to provide the most safe and functional mainnet upgrades to guarantee developers and users experience.


H1 2021

  • Transaction Chain
  • Transaction Validation (Distributed / POW / Sharding)
  • UCO transaction / NFT
  • Oracle (UCO Price Feed)
  • Smart Contract : generate transactions, date/time trigger, oracle trigger
    Beacon chain Data Sharding Auto Mining rewards transfer
    Keychain and Access with passphrase TPM integration

H2 2021

  • Transaction fee algorithm P2P (UPnP)
  • Origin keys Enrollment of new miners (smart-contract)
  • Keychain creation tool (from wallet)
  • Bug & Security Fixing
  • Testnet Miner Dashboard & Explorer
  • Testnet Transaction Live Streaming
  • Android Testnet Wallet Pre-release

H1 2022

  • Malicious detection implementation
  • Manage origin keys (renewal / device sign-in)
  • Graphs on the explorer
  • Yubikey Support for mobile wallet
  • Beta release: Simple Mobile Wallet (Android/iOS)
  • Beta release : Ledger Hardware Wallet Support
  • Token Swap
  • SGX integration
  • Keychain access with Ledger
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet Release
  • Android/Ios Mobile wallet release
  • On chain Governance (for code upgrades)
  • Digital identity (Client side integration)

H2 2022

  • Fully fledged Mobile Wallet
  • NFC functionality for Mobile Wallet
  • Prediction Module
  • Advanced OnChain Governance

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