What is Uniris, ARCHEthic and ARCHEthic Foundation?

What is Uniris, ARCHEthic and ARCHEthic Foundation?


What is Uniris?

Uniris is a Blockchain Software Company that develops decentralised software services and applications that operate on the ARCHEthic Blockchain.

What is ARCHEthic Foundation?

ARCHEthic Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose vision is the promotion of the ARCHEthic Public Blockchain Protocol. It considers ARCHEthic as a project – where a solid technical foundation is a key to winning the marathon race to global adoption. Its role is to sustainably deploy resources that are under control to support the long-term success of ARCHEthic. This long-term success will only be possible with a vibrant decentralized ecosystem. Its goal is to ensure that the independent organisations in this ecosystem have what they need to solve the challenges that surround them.

What is ARCHEthic? (In general ARCHEthic Blockchain)

ARCHEthic gives back to humanity control over technology, and to each individual, control over their identity

ARCHEthic Public Blockchain offers the first integrated services platform capable of meeting a fundamental need: giving everyone back the control over technology. In this way, ARCHEthic is part of the promise of a safer, more inclusive, and truly decentralised world.

4 years of research and 12 strong international patents endow ArchEthic with the technological attributes that its predecessors have lacked - scalability, speed, reliability and simplicity of native biometric recognition. These patents will be given to the open source community to foster participation and hence accelerate the pace of innovation.

Designed for mass adoption, ARCHEthic relies on a new form of unbreakable validation consensus (ARCH), which is ultra-secure and allows an unlimited number of transactions. This blockchain platform aims to replace and to improve all current applications with a comprehensive and open ecosystem, allowing people to move from the trust imposed by centralised systems (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Banks...) to a decentralised system where everyone will retain control of their data, property, and privacy.

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