Currently, there are so many blockchain platforms out there, that I have lost count of them. Each and everyone consider themselves as the best in scalability, throughput, security, ... Hence, it is tough or impossible for a developer or a regular tech guy to judge which blockchain platform he/she should choose.

But in this article, I have broken down the problem into smaller parts and have provided the various criteria to evaluate blockchain platforms. We will also discuss as to what matters and what to look for while choosing a blockchain platform.

In addition to this, we will explore Uniris.
Uniris is at the forefront of blockchain networks and a pioneer in the crypto biometrics space. 4 years of research and 12 strong international patents endow Uniris with the technological attributes that the predecessors have lacked - scalability, speed, reliability, and simplicity of native biometric recognition.
The Strategic Committee of the Security Industries Sector (CSF) part of the French National Council of Industry, identified Uniris to contribute to the security of major events such as the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Criteria for selecting which blockchain platform to go for,

  • Scalability: In blockchain, scalability is the number of transactions a network can handle. Depending on the nature of your project the scalability can be chosen but for most of the projects a high scalability is desired especially if it is a payments project, then the network should easily handle >50,000 tps. For comparison, Bitcoin has 7 tps.
  • Consensus mechanism: The mechanism in which a transaction is validated and everyone in the network agrees with that validation. There are many consensus mechanisms like PoW, PoS, PoST, ARCH, many more... The best consensus mechanisms have properties like instant validation of a transaction, low energy consumption, high security, high scalability and is permissionless.
  • Average Adoption rate: Average % increase in the number of monthly users and followers. A high adoption rate is the best predictor of success for a blockchain platform. Usually this is 5%
    >5% => good
    <5% => average
    0% => not good
  • Team: The team involved in developing the blockchain project. Their backgrounds and experiences. The team is arguably the most important factor in evaluation. A company could have the best product or service in the world, but if they don’t have a team competent and experienced enough to execute it, it won’t matter.
  • Bounties and incentivization programs: Some rewards are in the form of tokens (cryptocurrency) that will be generated or given as a part of the blockchain project. This is a giveaway program but something in return is expected. For example, awareness about a blockchain platform is created by distributing their tokens online for free or by a referral program.
  • Information: documents, white paper, yellow paper, patents, etc...

Uniris is the best blockchain platform to develop your project, Why?

  • Scalability
    Uniris, no doubt is at the forefront of blockchain scalability. Because of
    - Transactions Chains: An advanced version of blockchain. Transactions Chains is a patented technology.
    - ARCH Consensus: ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) provides an atomic validation of transaction chains through a decentralized network. ARCH is also a patented technology
    - P2P Network (Supervised Multicast): Uniris network uses supervised multicasting so that each node will always know where to look for data via the most efficient network path, allowing a linear increase in the number of transactions/sec as a function of the number of network nodes (~100x).
    - Geolocation Sharding: Sharding is the way of data storage in a few storage nodes instead of all the nodes in the network. In Uniris, the sharded storage nodes are equally distributed throughout the globe so that no group of nodes from a single geographic area (patches) could obstruct the P2P network’s data availability. Thereby ensuring maximum data availability at all times.
    Read more about Uniris scalability here
Comparing the best blockchain platforms
  • Consensus Mechanism
    ARCH Consensus in blockchain is a new mechanism, where only a small subset of nodes verifies each transaction. ARCH Consensus is based on Hypergeometric Distribution Laws which, from an unpredictable election and a formal consensus of nodes, makes it possible to obtain with certainty (99.9999999%) the same answer by querying 200 nodes as would be obtained by querying 100,000. In other words, this mathematical law makes it possible to obtain a universal consensus from a small part of the nodes.
    Read more about ARCH Consensus here
Hypergeometric Distribution
  • In terms of energy consumption of Uniris network, a mere 0.42 W/sec required per transaction or the energy equivalent in joules to one tenth of a gram of sugar. The energy consumption is 3.6 billion times less than Bitcoin
  • Adoption Rate
    Uniris has the highest adoption rate with many followers in Telegram, WhatsApp and many more.....As discussed already, the Strategic Committee of the Security Industries Sector (CSF) part of the French National Council of Industry, identified Uniris to contribute to the security of major events such as the Olympic Games Paris 2024.
  • Team
    Uniris team is a unique blend of complementary, cohesive and experienced personalities from companies such as Thales, Mastercard, Barclays, Orange, Mozilla, Google, PwC and researchers from the École Polytechnique, CNRS. Most of them know each other well before the creation of the project, professionally or personally, which has allowed them to save a considerable amount of time in the implementation of each of the solution's components.
    Sebastien Dupont: Previously responsible for 2 of the largest Orange projects: Identity (100M users) and Mobile Banking in Africa (turnover from €10M to €4 billion) - Thales Cybersecurity Expert - Blockchain Speaker (since 2013)
    Nilesh Patankar: ex-CTO PAYBACK, Head of Software Development and Support for MasterCard Payment Processing Platforms, Head of Barclays Digital Payments Technology.
  • Bounties and Incentivization Programs
    Uniris is indeed launching a mega bounty program soon (join the Telegram). The incentivization programs are gamified. The purpose of gamification is to completely distribute Uniris Coin far and wide, as fast as possible. Thereby increasing the value of UCO (Metcalfe's Law).
    Read more about Gamification and Incentivization here.
  • Documentation
    Uniris's documentation is the best in class, with the best
    Yellow paper
    White paper
    Uniris blog
    The website

Uniris is not only an infrastructure upon which projects can be built but also the key player in building the projects itself. Below is a roadmap of Uniris's projects from smart contracts, decentralized identity, smart city, IoT,... many more..

Uniris Roadmap

If you are interested to know more about Uniris, checkout